lightning pulse voltage online monitoring of high-voltage impulse voltage divider

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1 High range: 0~300kV/0~400kV; highest impulse voltage lightning pulse;? 2 apply to high-voltage transmission lines of 35kV distribution power system lightning online monitoring;? 3 pulse bandwidth: 30MHz the the lightning wave head time response resolution of less than 100ns?:<0.1us; 4 secondary measurement interface: metal shielded enclosure 50¦¸ or 75¦¸ matched impedance, coaxial cable connector output;? 5 once the high voltage terminal interface: metal pressure plate fastening bolts bus electrical connection; single-phase direct connection;? 6 nonlinearity: ¡À 1%;? 7 Measurement Uncertainty: ¡À 1%;? 8 Operating environment: outdoor work, waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistant, cold-resistant and high altitudes; outdoor installation type;? 9 need to collect lightning over-voltage and grid frequency over voltage, operating frequency range is 35Hz~5MHz;? 10 long uninterrupted linked network run synthetic silicone rubber sleeve insulation shell.?The to meet lightning pulse waveform line monitoring. 11 installed in the substation as the lightning impulse measurement sensor to the control room computer data collection agencies.?

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