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Organic Soapberries-also known as organic Soapnuts, organic washing nuts, or organic Reetha–have been used to make organic washing reagent in Nepal and India since ages. This organic soapberries is a species of a tree under the Sapindaceae family. It is commonly grown around farmers’ homes in lower foothills and mid-hills of Nepal, at around the altitude of 1200-1600 meter. This deciduous plant is usually found in clay soil, grows up to a height of 20 m where annual rainfall is 150-200 cm. Furthermore, organic soapberries are rich in saponin—which has foaming characteristics is a kind of biochemical usually found in peas, soybeans and some herbs. In addition, the foaming ability of saponin is caused by the combination of a fat-soluble sapogenin and a water-soluble sugar portion of this phytochemical. Also, due to insect repellent behavior of saponin, no pesticides have to be used during the cultivation of soapberries.

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"We are a committed, trustworthy and innovative company, providing 100% genuine certified organic products using advance processing methods and the latest technologies. We also ensure our products retain their maximum level of potency for the highest quality, effective, and pure organics in the market. From our beginnings in 2010, we have become the organic certified company in Nepal meeting international standards in environment sustainability. We have significant thrust in social sector inve