IT6800 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

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Model IT6812 0-32V/ 0-1.5A/ 48W IT6811 0-18V/ 0-3A/ 54W IT6821 0-18V/ 0-5A/ 90W IT6822 0-32V/ 0-3A/ 96W IT6823 0-72V/ 0-1.5A/ 108W IT6831 0-18V/ 0-10A/ 180W IT6832 0-32V/ 0-6A/ 192W IT6833 0-72V/ 0-3A/ 216W IT6834 0-150V/ 0-1.2A/ 180W Features Nice appearance, small-size and light weight . VFD display. Convenient leaning numeric keypad. Intellective fan cooling. Constant voltage (CV) outputs. Constant current (CC) outputs. Over current and over temperature protection. Limit voltage protection. Sixteen operating states storage. Output on/off. Free software for calibration and control. High accuracy and high resolution. Low ripple and noise. Excellent load and line regulation. May be used in series or parallel modes. Options IT-E151 Rack mounts kit: for install one or two IT6800 series power on the 19 inch rack. IT-E131 isolated communication cable: This cable converts the Power supply's serial port (TTL 5V level) to PC RS232 interface. Accessories Power cord User's manual Software CD-Rom(purchase IT-E131) Calibration testing report

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