PDC Cutters for Matrix Drill Bits - PDC Cutters/PCD Cutters for Oil & Gas

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Diafront manufactures Premium Quality PDC Cutters for oil drilling and coal mining, simply because of better production technique and product design. Better Sintering Pressure and Temperature Control with 6-Cylinder Cubic Press; Unique surface design for better bonding of Diamond and Carbide Substrate; Higher grade and purer diamond power for better quality PDC Cutters; We carry out laboratory testing and field testing for each new product before deliver to clients that outstands Diafront from other Chinese manufacturers for product quality and consistency. Diafront PDC Cutters are mostly for oil drilling and we make PDC Cutters for Coal Mining as well. Products are featured High Wear/Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Impact Resistance and Good Thermal Stability; website:www.pdccutters.com

Company Profile

Diafront is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality PDC Cutters for oil drilling and coal mining. We have been offering not only premium quality products but also customized services and solutions to global partners from United States, Canada, Australia, Latin Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our technical team is grouped by scientists and engineers devoted to R&D of PCD/PDC/PCBN products in early 1980s, trying various production methods and techniques for production innovation. In 2010, a great technical breakthrough for premium quality PDC products was achieved and in 2011, Fujian Wanlong Group, a Top 10 Manufacturer and Exporter of Diamond Tools in China since 1993, created Diafront Diamond Products Co., Ltd with new capital of more than 13.5 Millions USD with building area of more than 15,000 square meters. Quality and Consistency has been our lifelong pursuit and promise. Here in Diafront, all manufacturing processes are strictly controlled under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and all our manufacturing and testing facilities are equipped with latest technology, such as 6-Cylinder Synthetic Diamond Hydraulic Press with 6x25000KN Pressure, Precision Wear and Impact Resistance Testing System and Ultrasonic Scanning System from European suppliers. Diafront looks forward to working with You cooperatively for best suitable PDC Drill Bits to make drilling easier!