self balancing unicycle electric scooter

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Dec,31, 2023

self-balancing vehicle: 1, this new self-balancing electric unicycle by a 1000 watts motor drive, weighs only 13.5 kg, built-in high-capacity lithium battery 12Ah. Its maximum speed is 20 km, 2 hours charging time, power consumption 0.25 degrees, the maximum load of 120 kg, after fully charged, mileage has 25km, is the smallest, most environmentally friendly and most convenient manned tools. 2, self-balancing electric unicycle is more compact than any folding electric bike, and more interesting use. Because of its built-in gyro sensor to calculate the control system and propulsion system, with front and rear control ability, people standing on top can automatically maintain a balance, you just body weight slightly forward, it will be able to "sense" to your ideas, automatically forward fled. Turn, slow down or reverse is also true, very "smart." 3, for safety, the car set up two safety measures: A, fell to the ground when the vehicle is automatically cut off the power supply, the red light flashes. B, when the vehicle speed exceeding 15 kilometers per hour, slightly upturned nose will prevent continues to accelerate, to remind you to slow down. 4, you put it into the shops, restaurants, elevators, offices, theaters, classrooms, take the bus or train. It is not like the electric bike, you do not lock it up, because it can carry, not easily stolen. The car as a city is very perfect means of transport, in line with the current trend of low-carbon environment. Voltage:Charging Voltage AC 100V - 240V 50Hz - 60Hz Prodcut Detail Top Speed 16Km/h Range 20Km Max. uphill ange 15¡ã Battery 200 Wh Lithium Battery Max. power output 600 Watt Environment temperature -10 ¡æ ~ 50 ¡æ Charging voltage AC100v ~ 240V ¡¡ 50Hz - 60Hz Max. Load 100Kgs Pedal Height(No load) 112 mm Tire size §¶356 mm (14") Unit size (L¡ÁW¡ÁH) 475 ¡Á 152 ¡Á 372 mm Packing Dimension 490 ¡Á 260 ¡Á550 mm Body weight 10kgs Gross weight 15kgs Color Black, White, Red & Blue

Company Profile

Shanghai DMIPS Investment Co., Ltd. is the first company dedicated to self-balancing electric vehicle research and development, production and sales of integrated companies. Company is founded by group of students from the U.S. tech elite team. Headquartered in Shanghai, the production base is located in Xi'an, now has more than 400 employees, including core R & D staff of 50 people, and a partnership with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities. The company has invested heavily in research and development for seven years, self-balancing electric vehicle master core patented technology, with a number of national patents, the first to become the world's only manufacturer of both two-wheeled self-balancing, one wheel electric car company patented technology. We is also the first report by the CCTV program industry leading brands.