exhaust pipes

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Dec,31, 2024

1.Light weight, high strength. Its specific weight is 1.4 -1.8g , only a quarter of steel. It is convenient in transportation and installation. Compared with plastic products, the strength of carbon fiber composite material is dozens of times of them. 2.Corrosion-Resistance, UV Resistance and long service life. Carbon fiber composite products can be used in different corrosive environment, such as acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvent and so on. In the areas of corrosion-resistance, it has the superiority that other metals can not compared with. Adding to the characteristics of good resistance to water and UV Resistance, the service life of the products could be expected to more than 15 years. 3.High security, good resistance to impact, customization, excellent electrical insulation, non-magnetic, no spark. Carbon fiber products can also be added the process of flameproof according to the customers¡¯ demands. Better resistance to impact and fatigue make the products can be bended repeated without permanent deformation. Otherwise, it can be designed into different sections according to the customers¡¯ requirements.

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