Pad printing silicone rubber

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HY901 silicone rubber
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25kgs/drum vacuum package or 200kgs/drum
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Dec,31, 2024

Pad printing operation silicone rubber instructions Pad printing silicone rubber is two-component silicone, part A is the liquid silicone rubber, part B is the catalyst. The usual mxing ratio for silicone rubber and catalyst is 100 : 2-3, eg. we take 100grams of liquid silicone rubber, then we add 2-3 grams catalyst, mix then evenly and pour it to your mold. Then after 2-4 hours, you will obtain a printing pad. Frequently asked question of pad printing silicone rubber: The reasons why the silicone pad has a short service life are listed as follows: (1)The problem caused by inappropriate filtration of silicone rubber, and impurities in the packaging process due to the uncleanness of barrels and bags. (2)The short service life of the silicone pad has a close relationship with the adding amount of silicone oil. The more the silicone oil added, the softer the silicone pad will be. The silicone oil will destroy the molecule of the silicone rubber, thereby bringing about the non-durable and easy ageing of the silicone pad. (3)All the users should know the properties of pad printing silicone rubber. The service life of the silicone pad has close relationship with the size of the printed patterns. For example, if a big pattern to be printed, a big silicone pad is required; if a small pattern to be printed, a small silicone pad

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