Cinnamon Bark Oil

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HDPE container
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Dec,31, 2020

Main Components Cinnamic aldehyde, benzaldehyde, cinnamic acid, phenylpropyl cette, cinnmyl cette, cadinene , ¦Â£­elemiene, coumarin, cinnamic alcohol. Mark Component 60%~75% cinnamaldehyde Plant Part Used bark ( Dried, 100% Natural) Type of Extraction Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Applications 1. Spice for cooked meat products, instant food, puffed food, and baked food; 2. Whitening and freckle-removing, such as Cosmetics, SPA, aromatherapy, etc.; 3. Spice for Tobacco; 4. Pharmaceutical and health food. Packing and Storage Packed in HDPE container. Net weight: 25kg. Stored at low temperature in a well-closed container away from moisture and sunlight. Shelf Life 2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions.

Company Profile

Hunan Health-Guard Bio-Tech Inc. is a market-leading and technology-driven Sino-American joint venture, committed to the high-tech strategic emerging industries, using supercritical fluid extraction, molecular distillation, membrane separation, ultrasonic counter current extraction, enzymolysis, aseptic packaging, nano-pulverization technologies, producing the high value added pure natural products such as natural spices, natural antioxidants, functional oils and plant active ingredients that are very im-portant to human " life, beauty, health". These products are pure natural, healthy, safe, high quality, and can be widely used in flavor spices, spices, food additive, cosmetic and personal care products, health food, dietary supplements and medical products. The production process is green without any pollutants and wastes.It is located in the Yongzhou national agricultural science and Technology Park, around with fresh air, beautiful environment and convenient transportation, having garden type factory, modern office building, advanced equipment and instrument, and high automated production which is in accordance with the precise SOP program, subject to strict quality control standards. The production has achieved QS, ISO9001 KOSHER, HALAL and American USDA organic certifications.