DC Submerged Arc Furnace

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Dec,31, 2020

EAF steel-making is through the graphite electrodes input the energy to the electric arc steelmaking furnace , due to the arc which is generated between the electrodes tip and the material in the furnace as heat source for steelmaking. Electric arc furnace is with electric power as the heat source, can adjust the furnace atmosphere, and it's extremely beneficial to melt the kind of steel which contain more easily oxidized elements. Shortly after the invention of electric arc furnace steel-making, it used to smelt steel, and get a larger development. With the improvements of electric arc furnace smelting technology as well as the improvement of electric power industry development, the cost of electric arc furnace steel-making reduced more and more, and now not only for the production of electric arc furnace produce alloy steel, and a large number of ordinary carbon steel used in the production, and the proportion of the total output of steel production has been rising in major industrial countries.

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