Portable ultrasonic flow transmitter with clamp on sensor

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The portable ultrasonic flow meter is characterized by low cost, high portability, high accuracy and non-intrusive. Due to the non-intrusive nature of the clamp-on sensor, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks, and no contamination. 1. Accuracy: 1.0% 2. Repeatability:0.2% 3. Response Time:0-999 seconds, user-configurable 4. Velocity:¡À0.03 ~ ¡À105 ft/s (¡À0.01 ~ ¡À30 m/s), bi-directional 5. Pipe Size :1/2¡± ~ 240¡± (DN15 ~ 6,000mm) 6. Rate Units: Meter, Feet, Cubic Meter, Liter, Cubic Feet, USA Gallon, Imperial Gallon, Oil Barrel, USA Liquid Barrel, Imperial Liquid Barrel, Million USA Gallons. User configurable. 7. Totalizer: 7-digit totals for net, positive and negative flow 8. Liquid Types: Virtually all clean liquids 9. Liquid Temperature:-40~160¡æ 10. Security:Setup lockout. Access code needed for unlocking 11. Display:4x16 English letters 12. Communication Interface:RS-232. 13. Transducers:Clamp on type transducers. 14. Transducer Cable:Standard 2x30¡¯ (10m), optional 2x1,500¡¯ (500m) 15. Power Supply :3 AAA Ni-MH built-in batteries. When fully charged it will last over 10 hours of operation.90-230VAC for the charger 16. Data Logger:Built-in data logger can store over 2,000 lines of data 17. Manual Totalizer:7-digit press-key-to-go totalizer for calibration 18. Housing Material:ABS. Aluminum alloy protective case 19. Case Size:3.9"x2.6"x0.8" (100x66x20mm) 20. Handset Weight:1.2 lbs (514g) with batteries

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