Glass Antifogging Agent

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Dec,31, 2023

Performance: This product is made of a unique formula--a kind of highly concentrated fog removing and preventing issue with outstanding performance. It can thoroughly prevent producing the fog and vapor on the automobile glass under severe weather or an environment with huge temperature difference. Very simple to use it only wipe one time, it can enable you to achieve with a clear vision, to assure you a more safety driving. Additionally it can be also applicable on eyeglasses or mirrors in the bathroom, etc. Instruction: Firstly clean the automobile glass before using the magic tissue. Then take out the wet tissue and rub on the automobile glass softly round and round. It will be effective to prevent producing of fog and vapor for a long time. In case of the emerging of white trail after the rubbing, just wipe it away with paper tissue or dry cotton cloth. The effectiveness will not be impacted. Caution: keep out of touch of eyes, avoid high temperature and sunlight. Do not swallowing. Not edible Mfg. date: consult the end of the bottle or color Specification: 100ml Period of validity: 2years

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