Polyglyceryl-6 Monostearate 95461-65-7

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Polyglycerol Stearate Polyglycerol stearate series products are pale yellow to yellow waxy solid, are easy to soluble in oil, organic solvent, and disperse into hot water. It also has good property of thermostability and acid resistance. Applications: 1)It could be used in ice cream, candy, protein beverage, margarine, dairy products because of the good emulsification, dispersing and stable property. 2)It could be used in meat product such as sausage, luncheon meat, burger, fish stuffing because of the good dispersing and stable property. 3)It could be used in pharmaceutical chemicals, such as pharmacy painting, printing ink. 4)It could be used as protective agent in edible dry yeast, improve the antistaling agent's freshness effect. Polyglycerol stearate could improve productivity by improving the crystallization of sucrose. It also could be used as dispersing agents in cod-liver oil emulsion or spongarion. 5)As emulsion, stabilizer, dispersing agents and plasticizer, it could be widely applied in textile, papermaking, painting, plastic, rubber, printing and dyeing industry. Polyglycerol stearate has broad range of HLB value, except for its high security for human, it also has good characteristics of non-stimulation for skin, good water and emulsion solubility. Last but not least, it could stand 120¡æ thermophilic digestion so that it's good for goods' sterilization . Product Name: Polyglyceryl-6 monostearate CAS No: 95461-65-7 Appearance Pale yellow waxy solid Qualified Effective Content ¡Ý95 97.2 Acid Value£¨mgKOH/g£© ¡Ü 2.0 1.0 Saponification Value(mg KOH/g) 105-125 119 Heavy Metal £¨Pb£©% ¡Ü 0.005 --- Arsenic £¨As£©% ¡Ü 0.002 --- Iodine Value:£¨g I2/100g£© ¡Ü 3.0 1.5

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