#5920 6 MP SONY CCD digital eyepiece camera for microscope

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Dec,31, 2024

#5920 eyepiece camera uses a 6 mega pixels super color sensor SONY CCD and interfaces to a computer via High-Speed USB2.0, The standalone design allows independent operation for high-definition digital imaging at 6 mega pixels (2720¡Á2048 effective pixels) without connecting to an image capture card, but with a USB port. The eyepiece camera has multi-functional control software developed to optimize real-time acquisition conditions. It is based on a simple easy-to-use photomicrography concept to fine-tune exposure and white balance settings, the main features are: Superb resolution, suitable for no moving object or image capture and processing. With an exceptional balance between resolution and contrast has become a reality. Also it has powerful measurement tools. Based on the consideration of the color temperature of microscope illumination, the eyepiece camera makes the image with excellent true color. If the microscope adapted with the eyepiece camera is earthed definitely, the metal body of the camera ensures wonderful anti-interference. PC Interface: USB 2.0, Direct Show & Twain Sensor: 1/2inch, 6 MP Super Color SONY CCD, offering color image Maximum Resolution: 2720¡Á2048 Frame Rate: 5 fps at 2720¡Á2048 Date Format: RGB 24 Color: Max 1.64 million 24Bit Color Video Mode: 2720¡Á2048/1360¡Á1024 Sensitivity: 1.0V/lux-sec at 550nm White balance: Automatic or Manu Image Control: Color-Brightness/Gamma Correction/Exposure-Sharpness Adjustment/Auto, 50/60 Hz light auto detection; Operating System: Windows 2000(Professional-SP4) -Windows XP (Professional-SP2) -Windows VISTA. No working if specifications up to reach of above after shipment; Basic PC: CPU equivalent to Inter Pentium4 2.4GHz or more; 512MB RAM or more 1 Hi-speed USB 2.0Port; 17" Monitor or 19" (Recommended); Software Disc: Driver; Software "ScopePhoto" available for option at extra cost.

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