Flange Welding Line

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Dec,31, 2024

This machine is composed of main & idle chuck, branch pipe assembling unit (equipped with two or more sets by user defined) & guiding table. â–²The movement of main & idle-working table and rotation of main& idle-chuck all adopt motor drivingand digital display(or CNC control) â–²The machine is used for positioning,assembling andwelding between steel pipe and flange,and between branch pipe and branchflange. â–²Simple operation,accurate and easy positioning,highworking efficiency,small working area,save loading time. â–²It is controlled by PLC system and HI, easy operation andstable operation. â–²The machine should be driven by motor, with NC or CNCdisplay, simple operation, accurate welding angle of branch pipe. â–²Equipped with two or more sets of branch pipeassemblling by user defined.

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Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese Government, mainly engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling of CNC drilling, milling, punching, and other Optical-electronic-mechanical Integration CNC equipments. The purpose of Supertime is to timely and promptly track international new technologies and make continuous innovation in technology for manufacturing high-grade equipments, to advance the level of equipment manufacture industry with information technology.