Mospell® Device with Gel (45g)

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Mosquitoes are not only irritating pests, but they are a source of life-threatening disease – especially dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Now there is a natural, therapeutic and effective way of repelling these pests. Introducing MOSPELL® Vaporizer. No spraying, burning or plugging into electrical outlets required. Just place it near you – homes, offices or outdoors. Natural effective because MOSPELL® Vaporizer contains active botanical extracts which drive mosquitoes away. Also, it is chemical free. MOSPELL® Vaporizer (230ml) gives 24 hours protection. MOSPELL® Vaporizer is effective up to 1440 hours and covers up to 400 sq.ft. For bigger areas, it is recommended to place multiple units in areas such as Bedrooms, living rooms, washrooms and kitchen Offices, factories and warehouses where mosquitoes are always present Outdoors – when fishing, camping, picnicking and more. Mospell® Device with Gel:Mospell® Device with Gel combines the use of a fan unit together with a NATURAL mosquito repellent gel to give you a good mosquito protected environment. You can bring and use it anywhere and anytime - just plug it and turn on. Safe composition - The Mospell refill is made from safe natural ingredients Safe method - the Mospell system uses a simple mini-fan and does not have a dangerous heating element Healthy - no smoke and ash from heat vaporizing systems Affordable - an economical and simple system which works efficientlyEasy to use, convenient and mobile

Company Profile

It involves in Research, Development & Manufacturing of eco-green environment products. All product development are based on botanical extracts. The products are currently branded as A’Fresh®, Airepeutic® & MOSPELL, The products are for Air Revitalising & Insect Repelling.