polycarboxylate ploymer and textile water reducing agent

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Packing: 25kg/bag, outer woven 
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Dec,31, 2024

Main Indicators:   Items Specifications Appearance White powder Solid content 40%-50% Water reducing ratio ¡Ý25% pH 5-8 Dosage 0.25-0.75% Specific gravity 1.08+-0.03     Features: 1. High water reducing ratio. The water reducing ratio of concrete is above 25%. 2. Easying to control production. Controlling water reducing ratio, plasticity and air entraining by adjusting molecular weight of main chain, length and density of side chain, type of side chain group. 3. Good slump retention ability. Delaying time of transporting concrete and time of detention at construction site, guarantee concrete pumpability. 4. Good adhesion: Making concrete has excellent workability, non layer, without segregation and bleeding. 5. Good dispersion: High fluidity of concrete results in deposing and compacting easily for self-compacting concrete. 6. High strength gained rate. Greatly increasing early and after strength, reducing energy loss. Reduction of cracking, shrinkage and creep.   Applications: 1. It is a superplasticizer used in premix of construction and cast-in-place concrete. 2. It is especially suitable for high strength concrete for railway, bridge, haven and electric power and so on. 3. It is suitable for the preparation of high strength, high durability, self-compacting, steel fiber and self-leveling concrete.

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