Silicone Rubber Keypads

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1. Silicone rubber keypad contacts or keypads are made of high elastic, nontoxic silicone rubber compounds, which are processed by compression or injection molding and curing. This results in economic and reliable keypads which ensure high productivity and useful life. It also provides great convenience for integrating with the printed circuit boards in any form. The sensitivity and tactile feedback can be adjusted to satisfy the operator needs. Due to its excellent characteristics, the silicone rubber switch is utilized in various industries to satisfy cost, reliability, environmental, and ergonomic / cosmetic styling needs. 2. Silicone rubber keypads offer a superior alternate look and feel than that of traditional polyester or polycarbonate graphics. At Elcom Design, Inc., we offer a vast multitude of design options and enhancements for electrometric applications including abrasion, chemical and UV resistance; carbon pill and polyester half switch designs, screen-printed or laser etched graphics, as well as epoxy enhancements and edge gasket configurations.

Company Profile

Elcom Design Inc., established 1991, formerly, "Li-Hon" (founded in 1975) has evolved from a trading and procurement services company to a world leader in the membrane switch manufacturing corporation specializing in the field of electronic assemblies for OEM/ODM clients.