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Synthetic Cryolite H.S.Code:28263000 Synthetic Cryolite, molecular formula: Na3AlF6(Sodium hexafluoroaluminate) 1.APPLICATIONS a.Aluminum- metallurgy: - As component of fluxing agents, protective and refining salts b.Production of abrasives: - As active filler in resinbonded abrasives for metal treatment c.Production of enamel, glazing frits and glass: - As flux and opacifying agent d.Production of soldering agent: - As component for fluxing agents e.Production of welding agents: - As component of welding rod coatings and welding powders f.Blasting and pyrotechnics: - For fireworks g.Metal surface treatment: - As component in pickling pastes for stainless steel 2.SPECIFICATION a.CHEMICAL PROPERTIES F 52-55% Na 28-33% Al 12-15% SiO2 0.35%max Fe2O3 0.10%max P2O5 0.03%max SO42- 0.50%max H2O 0.20%max b.PHYSICAL PROPERTIES The size distribution can be sandy (60mesh to 100mesh) and powder (200mesh to 325mesh).Molecular ratio can be between 1.3-3.0 and we can change it according to customer¡¯s requirements. 3.PACKING Package can be 25/50/1000kg plastic woven bags with shrink film, or according to customer¡¯s requirements.

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