FDR Powder Feeder

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A volumetric feeder device using gas to transport powder through tubing The table-style powder feeder is able to stably supply minute particles from a sub-micron size to 100μm The fine powders are transported with a carrier gas. The previously difficult delivery of highly-cohesive 1 μm to nano size particles is possible Feed rate is from 1 to around 50g/min *Automatic-control rate (option) is 5 g/min or more The feed plate and nozzle can be selected to suit the material. By using the optional knockerless unit, it is possible to further suppress vibrations and obtain an even more stable feed Developed for use with high-frequency induction thermal plasma systems for nano-particle and film synthesis, which requires continuous supply and a stable feed rate, dispersion of fine particles, and to be free of contamination. Since fine particles of 10μm or less are transported stably, it can also be used for other applications, such as thermal spraying and aerosol deposition.

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