Aluminum Tube Continuous Extrusion Production Line

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Dec,31, 2024

Features: (1) Simplify production process; be forming directly only by one set of mould, cost of production is low. (2) Because of heat forming, so don’t need to be annealing, saving much energy. (3) The raw material in uniform size, easy to prepare. (4) If you want to change your product, you just need to change another set of mould. Convenient and efficient. It’s very suitable for producing small batch and multi-variety production. (5) Good mould material (3Cr2W8v, H13 steel) can ensure that the products with high dimension precision, surface finish and long working life. (6) All production line is controlled by PLC; Digital display, breakdown automatic alarm.

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BOBO Machine Co., Ltd. are specialized in car industry machine, HVAC duct machine, etc metal processing machinery.