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Dec,31, 2024

Weighing packaging machine Filling Machine Product Description;jydt22xjjxOur company products include; Oil filling machine ,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect. Do you know which packaging machine is the best in China? Dongtai machinery is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer. Provide the user the best solution, through long-term customer service has set up a perfect sales service system. Main uses; 1.Pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary medicine, feed premix, additives, detergent powder, salt, MSG, chicken powder, sugar, seeds, rice and other granular, powder materials quantitative packaging 2. the quantitative packaging materials.,that not suitable for dial and screw cotrol. Technical Parameters; Modle Weighing scope(g) Tolerances(g) The pace of work (bags / min) Power Supply(V/Hz); Power(w) Weight (Kg) Dimension ZX-C0.25 30-250 ¡Ü¡À2 22-15 220/50 250 98 710 ¡Á810 ¡Á1800 ZX-C1 100-1000 ¡Ü¡À2 25-18 220/50 250 120 710 ¡Á840 ¡Á1800 ZX-C2 200-2000 ¡Ü¡À4 25-15 220/50 250 150 710¡Á 840 ¡Á1800 ZX-C6 500-6000 ¡Ü¡À8 20-11 220/50 250 150 710¡Á840¡Á 1900 ZX-C10 1-10kg ¡Ü¡À15 18-8 220/50 350 190 1010¡Á840 ¡Á1950 Related products links; Liquid filling machines | filling machines | Fillers | Filling Equipment | Inline Filling Systems ------------------------------------------------ Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Department; International Trade Department Post Code/ZIP; 250100 Contact Person; karen Gong(sales manager) Tel; 0086-0531-88738866-605 Fax; 0086-0531-88902662 Mobile Phone ; 86-15866784676 MSN; dongtaipack@hotmail.com Email; shandongxunjie@163.com Website: http://www.dongtaipack.com <-> filling machines http://www.ltete.com <-> fillers http://www.xunjiejx.com <-> Filling Equipment http://www.jinanxunjie.cn/sdp/337119/4/main-1483444/0/Home.html <->Inline Filling Systems http://www.jinanxunjie.cn/sdp/337119/4/pl-1483445/0/Product_Catalog.html <->Oil Filling Machine http://www.xunjiejx.com/Filling_Machines1.htm <->Liquid Filling Machine http://www.ltete.com/filling-machine-one-head-ointment-filling-machine.html <->OintmentFillingMachine http://www.dongtaipack.com/gallery1/products-list.htm <->Oil Weighing Filling Machine http://www.ltete.com/filling-machine-oil-filling-machine-xj8f.htm <-> Oil Filling Machine xj8f http://www.jinanxunjie.cn/sdp/337119/4/pd-1483445/2338032-743800.html <-> Oil Filling Machine Address; No.3843,Jichang Road,Lingang Development Zone,Jinan China

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