3 Phase Torque Control Solar Variable Frequency Ac Drive 7.5kw

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Dec,31, 2020

Performance Introduction: 1. Using DSP as the core of control unit to achieve high-speed high-performance control; 2.Way of speed control: SVC, VC, V/F control, torque control 3. Automatically idendtify the motor parameters, intelligent adjustment to the best control mode. 4. Deard time compensation and automatic slip compensation function, low frequency 0.25HZ can be achieved under sensorless vector control. 5. Simple PLC function can realize up to 16 segments speed and 4 segments acceleration control. 6.¡±One key to shuttle¡± keyboard, swirling free, two way custom button with the demand for expansion. 7. Multi-language, humanization display menu, highlighted OLED+LED simultaneous display 3 groups of state parameters. 8. Keyboard is hot-pluggable and can store/copy 4 groups of operating parameter programs 9. Powerful communications function which can support standard to support standard RS485 and Modbus, meanwhile providing remote keyboard control. 10. Dual analog input, custom control mode, free combination of control factors 11. Short-circuit protection, more safer and more stable 12 .New thermal management structure, unique duct design and thermostat heat agencies, allow the product to run more stable and longer 13Standards EMC design to minimize pollution for power 14. All strengthened PCB coating working well in kinds of environments Application fileds: Metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, building materials, coal, medicine, food, paper, plastics, printing and dyeing, lifting, cable, washing, water supply, heating and ventilation, sewage treatment and other industries, machinery and equipment for: Drawing machines, blenders, cutting machine, winding machinery, compressors, air pumps, grinders, conveyors, hoist, centrifuges and various speed control machinery

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Shenzhen Powtech Co., LTD is dedicated in power transmission and industrial automation technology product research, development, production and sales, rely on European latest technology to set up our platform, self research and software development, we focus to high-quality high-performance products and provide convenient services for our clients. Supplier, Enterprise, Employees and users achieve success together. Learning from others, Powtech brings together the elite team in the field of frequency conversion and control, has engaged in years of senior research, procurement and manufacture team, makes the high-quality products; Also introduced in the frequency converter industry engaged in more than 10 years of marketing team, to provide professional, high quality service to customers, "Integrity, unity, pragmatic, innovative" as Powtech's spirit, to build brand new high quality talents in the field of frequency conversion and control platform, and also welcome and seek people who come with common ideal for common development.