NB400 series of dual-use pump drilling rigs

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Dec,31, 2021

Product Overview: This series of live (column) I Cypriot horizontal pump is similar foreign products from the company's advanced structure, combining our company for many years to develop manufacturing piston pump rich experience in the practice, in order to meet the land oilfield drilling, workover, well cementing and developed a next-generation products. The compact design of the product mix, load power, maintenance is very convenient, through different configurations to meet a wide variety of different uses. Applications: Widely used in land and marine oil field in the oil drilling process drilling, workover, well-washing, cementing operations, can also be applied to other industries, such as high-pressure injection, grouting, high-pressure conditions, such as phosphorus . Principle: Force-or diesel motor is the circular motion by the eccentric, connecting rod, crosshead converted to linear motion. Is simple in structure, strength, stiffness, and light weight, long life and reliable operation, and other benefits. Hydraulic valve on the end of valve type, live through (column) Cypriot achieve linear reciprocating motion of the liquid absorption row. Carrying maximum power: 400 HP The maximum discharge pressure: 40 MPa From the largest flow: 90 m3 / h Detroit's largest diameter: 160 mm Duration: 135 mm

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