ECOR-4099N Lead-free Nitrogen Reflow Machine

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Dec,31, 2023

Designed with a new hot air circulation mechanism that realizes highly heat efficient convection heating. Realizes flexible temperature profile setting by reflow heating with a reduced wind speed. Features: 1. The newly designed hot air convection heating mechanism performs superbly at hot air convection heating. Stable reflow heating repeatability and a temperature profile with high heat efficiency are obtained. 2. The oven consists of nine heating zones with a reduced wind speed. It realizes flexible temperature profile setting, from low melting solder paste to high melting one. 3. The mist collection unit collects the flux mist generated during reflow soldering and maintains a clean environment throughout the entire reflow soldering process. 4. The transport conveyor is equipped with a newly designed width-adjustment unit that keeps the rails parallel in a high temperature environment. This unit ensures durable and stable transport of PCBs. The machine is optionally equipped with a whole-area warp-prevention unit to meet the requirements of lead-free processes on both sides. 5. The oven is equipped with a cover that fully opens to ensure fast and easy maintenance

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Koki Singapore Pte Ltd was established when it won its independence from Koki Japan in July 1993. We continued to represent Koki Japan for sales and service of the full product range of soldering machines, spray fluxers, solder recycle machines, spare parts, accessories and soldering materials. Other established brand name products for the electronics industry such as BGA Reworks, Thermal Profilers, X-ray machines, PCB handlers and AOI were added to our agency representation.