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Dec,31, 2020 DC-NPM-200/450I Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine, this machine uses jumbo roll to convert into various sizes of napkin paper. The product is sanitary and clear. We have different napkin paper machines which can produce different sizes napkin paper, with the range from 200mm to 450mm; One napkin paper machine can only produce one size of napkin paper. Take DC-NPM-275I for example, this machine can produce the napkin paper with unfolded size 275mmx275mm. So do others. We also accept orders according to clients¡¯ requests. 2. This model can also be designed to produce mini-sized pocket paper handkerchief. 3. Equipped with tension control system to control different tension of raw paper. 4. Automatic counting and orderly arranging, which is convenient to pack. 5. Equipped with folding unit to ensure accurate position and unify sizes of product. 6. Roll paper with clear look. 7. Equipped with embossing unit. 8. The machine can be equipped with color printing unit, according to your requests. Technical Parameters 1. Folding size of the product: 137.5mm x 137.5mm 2. Unfold size of the product: 275mm x 275mm 3. Width of raw paper: 275mm 4. Diameter of raw paper: 600mm-1000mm 5. Diameter of paper roll core: 76mm 6. Power: 3.7Kw (380V or 220V 50Hz, 3 Phases) (For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place) 7. Production speed: 350-450pcs/min 8. Overall size (L x W x H m): 3.4x0.9x1.5 9. Weight£ºAbout 1.0T Specifications of Raw Material 1. Width of raw paper: 200mm-450mm 2. Diameter of raw paper: 700mm-1000mm 3. Thickness of raw paper: 14g/ m2-28g/ m2 4. Diameter of paper core: 76mm

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