Sodium Fluorosilicate,Disodium hexafluorosilicate/sodium fluosilicate/sodium silicofluoride

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Packing: 25 kgs /50kgs p.p woven bag within plasti
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Dec,31, 2020

Na2Sif6 (based on dried basis) ¡Ý99% Dissociation acid (as HCl) ¡Ü0.1% Heavy metal (as Pb) ¡Ü0.02% Fe ¡Ü0.02% Water undissolvable substance ¡Ü0.40% Lost weight of 105¡æ dried ¡Ü0.30% Passing through 250/¦Ìm screen ¡Ý90%

Company Profile

The main business scope includes developing, producing and marketing the inorganic fluorinated salts. Such as Magnesium fluorosilicate, Potassium Fluorosilicate, Zinc fluorosilicate, Ammonium Fluorosilicate and Sodium Fluorosilicate, Sodium Fluoride, lithium fluoride.