flame retardant CP for cotton fabrics

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Properties l Provides excellent fire-retardant performance to the cotton textiles. The cotton textile will have no continuous burning or unconspicuous burning phenomena after treatment. Up to the standard B2 of GB5455-85. Some test result do by our customers show that the flame retardant effect up to the standard of BS3210, TY-2500-0009, DOCFF3-71 of England. l Fine durability to washing. The experience of the users show the cotton textile could meet the flame stop effect after 30-50 times washing. l Compatible with various post-finishing agents l Easy preparation of fire-retardant finishing liquid l Rolling/baking/hot drying on resin processing machine, no additional equipment required Application Flame retardant CP will be widely used in cotton textile. The cotton textile should be pre-treated before processing. The cotton should keep clean and add in the suitable humectant. The cotton textile will be have good fire-stop effect and durable to wash after being treated by CP and 6MD(resin). It will be widely applied in Army service uniform, tent, curtaining, application cloth, and bedding and the uniform for metallurgy, fire protection, electrician, nucleus industry and mining. Otherwise, it also widely used in paper making.

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