Yueyang Shenwei Electromagnetic Equipment Co.,LTD, China

No.1 Dazhong Road Junshan Industrial Park,Yueyang City,Hunan Province China ,414000

About Company

Yueyang Shenwei Electromagnetic Equipment Co.,LTD has more than 30000sqm factory area,with latest technic automatic production line,80% products was exported Europe and America. Shenwei-Man is a forward-thinking,experienced executive management team and high reputation in this field.experienced personnel and research and development for decades engaged in manufacturing products experience a high level of electromagnetic production staff, but there is an ability to endure hardship stamina, strong sense of service marketing team, the company has always been people-oriented breed immortal corporate culture. "divinity electromagnetic" After "divinity man" painstaking excellence unremitting struggle, fight on the market now recognized, customer satisfaction, peer respect the precious brand.