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Dec,31, 2020

Fixed electronic truck scale Shanghai YingHeng Weighing Equipment Co.,LTD working principle: The object or truck parked in the stage of the scale, in the force of gravity, the scale platform pass the gravity to the sensor, resulting in the deformation of the elastic body which attached to the sensor, the Strain resistors and bridge road on the elastomer strain beam lose balance,output electrical signals in proportion to weight, signal amplification by linear amplifier, and then converted into digital signals by A / D.The weight signal processed by the microprocessor in the instrument directly be displayed to the number of weight. Configure the printer to print the weighing data; if configuring computer, can directly input the measurement of the number to the load management system for integrated management. Fixed electronic truck scale features: Weighing sensor: high precision, moisture-proof, waterproof, outdoor installation. Intelligent weighing indicator:clear, peeled, zero tracking, show the gross weight, net weight, tare, print date, number, name, weight, but also connected with the computer management system and large screen display according to user requirements . Structural steel or U-shaped steel beam weighing platform: steel, modular, easy installation, beautiful appearance. Fixed electronic truck scale applications: Fixed electronic truck scale is used in all kinds of heavy vehicles and cargo measurement in metallurgical, chemical, railway, port and industrial and mining enterprises.Fixed truck scale is The ideal of the modernization level measuring equipment for the enterprise improving measuring level. Service Process: 1.Our electronic truck scale applications engineer discuss with you, to understand the role of your electronic truck scale - the fixed electronic truck scale. 2.Recommend appropriate, but not the most expensive electronic truck scale - fixed electronic truck scale to you. Note: We are factory direct selling, electronic truck scale - fixed electronic truck scale at reasonable prices. 3.Post or e-mail detailed information of electronic truck scale - fixed electronic truck scale to you. 4.Negotiations, and get your mutual recognition, to make the electronic truck scale - fixed electronic truck scale meet your requirements. 5.Signed a formal a contract for the sale of electronic truck scale -fixed electronic truck scale.

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