Golden Tips Earl Grey Green Full Leaf Tea

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An unfermented orthodox Green tea from Darjeeling mildly scented with the natural oil of bergamot. Bergamot fruit is a pear shaped sour orange originally found in south Italy. This fine & mellow green tea is characteristic of a refreshing & soothing taste, a fruity and fragrant citrus flavor & light liquor in the cup. 7 Reasons why everybody should drink Green Tea? Rich in anti-oxidants that combat free radicals. Effective towards weight loss. Helps to lower blood pressure & cholesterol. Aids digestion & kills bacteria that cause stomach upsets. Contains anti blood-clotting properties. Restricts development of liver disorders. Contains natural fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay.

Company Profile

In 1933 a family arrives in Darjeeling and sets up business in Tea trading. They establish themselves as one of the oldest and reputed Tea traders from Darjeeling and continue the business of catering the very best quality of Darjeeling Tea to a growing clientele of tea connoisseurs. After decades of handling a growing business volume. Madhav Sarda finally establishes Golden Tips Tea Co. (P) Ltd. to project a professional approach to this growing business. The aim of the company is not only carrying this tradition forward, but also he is very passionate about it.