cable strippers SHY-120H manual multi-unctional machine

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Dec,31, 2023

SHY-120H manual multi-unctional machine ITEM:SHY-120H Name:MANUAL MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MACHINE Punching force:15T Max thickness of sheet:10mm Width of sheet: 120mm weight:approx.45Kg Accessories:3/8"(§æ10.5),1/2"(§æ13.8),5/8"(§æ17),3/4"(§æ20.5) Bending(Brass plated) Thickness of sheet:10mm Bending degree:0-90 ¡£ Width of sheet:120mm Cutting(Brass plated) Thickness of sheet:10mm Width of sheet:10-120mm Punching(Brass plated) Thickness of sheet:10mm Round punches:3/8"(¡é10.5);1/2(¡é13.8);5/8"(¡é17);3/4"(¡é20.5)

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