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FBM201 Channel Isolated, 8 Input 0-20 mA Analog input Conversion time, rate of change limits PSS 21H-2Z1 B4 FBM202 Channel Isolated, 8 Input Thermocouple/mV Analog input Conversion time, rate of change limits PSS 21H-2Z2 B4 FBM203 Channel Isolated, 8 Input RTD(Platinum, Nickel, Copper) Analog input Conversion time, rate of change limits PSS 21H-2Z3 B4 FBM204 Channel Isolated, 4 Channel 0-20mA In + 4 Channel 0-20mA Out Analog I/O Conversion Time, Fail-Safe Configuration(Hold/ Fallback on per channel basis) PSS 21H-2Z4 B4 FBM205 Analog I/O PSS 21H 2Z5 B4 FBM207 Channel Isolated, 16 DIN Voltage Monitor Discrete I/O Input filter time PSS 21H-2Z7 B4 FBM207b Channel Isolated, 16 DIN 24VDC Contact Sense Discrete I/O, or ladder logic Input filter time PSS 21H-2Z7 B4 FBM207c Channel Isolated, 16 DIN 48 VDC Contact Sense Discrete I/O, or ladder logic Input filter time PSS 21H-2Z7 B4 FBM213 Group Isolated, 8 Input RTD Analog input Conversion time, rate of change limits PSS 21H-2Z13 B4 FBM214 8 Input Hart Communication, 4-20mA input signal Analog input FBM216 Redundant Ready HART Inputs, 8 Channels FBM217 Group Isolated, 32 Discrete Input Input Filter Time PSS 21H-2Z17 B4 FBM219 Discrete I/O, 32 Channels, 24 DIN voltage monitor+8 DOUT pulse, group isolated FBM211 Differential Isolated, 16 differential Input 0-20 mA Analog input PSS 21H-2Z11 B4 FBM224 4 Modbus Communication Channels FBM231 Four Serial Ports, Redundant FBM233 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Redundant PSS 21H-2Z33 B4 FBM237 Channel isolated, 8 channel 0-20mA output, redundant Analog I/O PSS 21H-2Z37 B4 FBM241 Discrete I/O, or ladder logic FBM242 Channel Isolated,16 External Source DO PSS 21H-2Z42 B4 FOXBORO P0300CG 5.5V CONV BOARD FOXBORO P0400DA-OJ FIELD BUS MOD FOXBORO P0400DA-OP FIELD BUS MOD FOXBORO P0400QB KEYBOARD FOXBORO P0400QW FOXBORO P0400VP PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400VR PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400VU PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400YD PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400YE PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400YE-0K PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400YL PROCESSOR FOXBORO P0400ZA POWER MODULE FOXBORO P0900DQ FOXBORO P0902WL POWER MODULE

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hengzhou yuzhe Electronic Technology Co.,ltd specializes in import and export of automation parts, PLCS,DCS,sensors, relays, dirves, instruments, motor, encoder, human machine interface. Our company locats at the central of China,Zhengzhou, Henan Province, combination of technology, industry and trade, who mainly dealing with DCS, PLCs, sensors, and other automation products. With rapid development, Weililn serves fields of automation in global markets, Our business covers five continents throughout the world with the basic conviction of honest, the international management of customer-centered concept and purpose of bringing convenience to customers. We assure that all of our products are original brand with 100% original packing. We have confidence to bring our customers more substantial profit with high-quality service and reasonable prices. Choosing us, you will choose a sincere friend and reliable partner. Please feel free to contact us if you are a global manufacturer of high quality brand products who desires to enter the Chinese market or who searches for a Chinese agent.Weilin Electric would like to create a brilliant future with friends in domestic and overseas. All goods sold have a year warranty.