Sell Flange Wire Guides Pulley (Wire Roller)

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Dec,31, 2024

Description: The wire roller (NC series) is used in the coil winding machines to guide the wire, the textile machinery as well. Two nylon sidewalls have been put to the both side of the ceramic ring and the bearing, it combines one wire roller. Porcelain ring is trapped out of the bearing, it will rotate by the thread and wire passing on the surface of the ring. Be a partial sliding friction. Thus the sliding friction has been converted to the static friction. But at the start and stop, in order to overcome the inertia, there will be a partial sliding friction. The difference between the usage of wire roller and ceramic ring is: There is a sliding friction between thread, wire and the surface of the ceramic ring, so it is applied for the smaller angle of the wire, lower pressure and other such kind of less demanding occasions. The wire roller is mainly used of static friction (part sliding friction); It is applied for the bigger angle of the wire, a certain pressure and other such kind of higher occasions. Protect the insulation film and guide wire, stabilized the tension also. Features: 1. The surface Polish degree of the porcelain ring: Ra0.2. 2. The sliding distance between enameled wire and the roller: ¡Ü0.15mm 3. The hardness: HRa88.

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