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Dec,31, 2024

Product name£º90W Universal DC-DC Laptop Adapter Item£ºTPL-DC-09004 Details£º Model:TPL-DC-09004 Description: 90W Universal DC-DC Laptop Adapter Universal Home/Car 2in1 universal Laptop Adapter,Auto-Adjust output voltage Input Condition : DC 11V-24V / 10A Efficiency : 80% Min Rated Output Power: 90W Rated Output Voltage & Current:15/16/18/19/20V (4A) 22/24V (3.3A) Output Ripple And Noise : 1% Max Protection : OCP OVP SCP OPP Operating Temperature: -10 to 70¡æ Storage Temperature: -10 to 85¡æ Relative Humidity: 10 to 90% Charging the battery (if needed) and maintaining its charge. Many AC cord options to meet different areas requirements. DC Plug:8 Tips M1 -15V-¦µ6.3*3.0 M2 -16V-¦µ5.5*2.5-yellow M3 -16V-¦µ6.5*4.4 M4-18.5V-¦µ4.8*1.7 M5 -19V-¦µ5.5*2.5-black M6 -19V-¦µ5.3*3.0 M7 -19V-¦µ5.5*2.1 M8-19.5V-¦µ6.5*4.3 Fit For: Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP/Compaq, IBM, NEC, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba etc series laptops/Notebooks

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