diesel injection parts diesel nozzle 105007-1170 DN0PDN117

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Dec,31, 2021

This is Tina from www.fuelinjection-parts.com. We, China CG Diesel Parts (http://www.fuelinjection-parts.com) has been manufacturing and ssembling diesel fuel injection parts of superior quality and performance with guaranteed components since 1995!Whether it is fuel injection pumps, or any injector parts for your diesel engine. NOZZLES/INIETTORI/DUSEN/BEC INJECTEURS The main purpose of the Fuel Injection Nozzle is to direct and atomise the metered fuel into the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber design dictates the type of nozzle, the droplet size and the spray required to acheive complete combustion within a given time and space. The assembly of all parts of the injector other than the nozzle is known as the nozzle holder. The main purpose of the nozzle holder assembly is to position and hold the fuel injection nozzle in the cylinder head. It also has a passage through which the fuel from the high pressure pipes flow to the nozzle. This is also a passage for the flow of excess fuel from the nozzle. > DN..S.. > DN..P.. > DLLA...NP.. > DLLA...PN.. > DLLA..S.. > DLLA..S..(S)N.. > DSLA...P(S).. > DLLA...P.. > CR_Other No. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine 105000-0010 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94 105000-0020 DN4S2 M.BISHIHI.NAG YANMAR6RAL 105000-0081 DN0SD211ND1 105000-0090 DN8S3 105000-0140 DN30S2 105000-0210 DN8S2 105000-0260 DN15S156 KUBOTA 105000-0490 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94 105000-1010 DN0SD21 MAZDA/NISSAN/ISUZU ED33/DG/LEK752C/S723 105000-1030 DNOSD126 MAZDA 105000-1080 DN0SD211 NISSANDIESEL/KOMATSU 4BA1TLD/ED30 105000-1090 DN0SD212 ISUZU/HINO DM100/DQ100 105000-1130 DN4SD24 HINO Isuzu DM100/2D/4DR/4DR50A 105000-1220 DN12SD12 4DR50A/K713/LE802 105000-1310 DN4SD24NP1 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/4D120/4SPEND 105000-1370 DN4SD24NP2 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/NP2/4SPEND 105000-1550 DN15SDNK1 KUBOTA E650/ER150/ET115/ET85 105000-1600 DN12SD12 KUBOTA/ISHIKAWAJIMAS CA/D1102/D1301C 105000-1650 DN0SD2110 ISUZU/ISEKI/TOYO-SHA 4BA1TLD/4D30/C240 105000-1740 DN0SD193 ISUZU/NISSAN DIESEL 4FB1/4BA1 105000-1760 DN0SD176 NISSAN DIESEL/NISSAN 105000-1770 DN0SDN177 ISEKI/KOMATSU/ISUZU 4FB1 105000-1871 DN0SDN187 NISSAN DIESEL/ISUZU

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We are powerful in product design and development, and there are several production lines for diesel nozzle, diesel plunger, head rotor, delivery valve, repair kit, cam disk, drive shaft, magnet valve, conmins, pencil nozzle, common rail system, feed pump, blade, nozzle tester, test bench, etc. Nearly ten thousand kinds of products with leading level in the same field. We've got TS16949, ISO-9001:2000 certification and reached the international export standard.