Lenpure Photovoltaic Module UV Test Chamber

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Dec,31, 2024

Lenpure Photovoltaic Module UV Test Chamber 1 Technical parameters 1.1.    Effective radiation area 600¡Á1270mm 1.2.    Surface temperature of module 60¡æ 1.3.    Temperature volatility ¡À0.5¡æ 1.4.    Temperature resolution 0.1¡æ 1.5.    Space between lamps 70mm 1.6.    Illumination Uniformity of module¡¯s test surface: ¡À15% 1.7.    Air flow rate 0.5¡«1.0m/S 1.8.    Light source 3 UV-A lamps and 3 UV-B lamps of well-known brand imported from America, i.e., 6 lamps shall be used at the same time 1.9.    UVB-313 Wave Length 280¡«320nm 1.10.  UVA-340 Wave Length 313¡«340nm 1.11.  Accessories 1 sample shelf, 6 imported lamps (NF), 24 imported lamps (NFX) and 1 hand-held irradiance meter 1.12.  Parallel distance between test specimen and lamp surface Reach wavelength requirements of sample test finally (the height of test specimen platform is adjustable) 1.13.  Total Power 4KW 1.14.  Power Supply Requirements AC380V¡À10% 50¡À0.5Hz (three phases five wires) Photovoltaic Module UV Test Chamber www.lenpure.com

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