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On Demand
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TradeSeam Verified
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30 days
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Monthly Submission Report
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Dec,31, 2024

Software Submission To: 1250+ software directories: Promote your software by listing it on all major and niche Internet download sites, like,,, etc.. Additionally, your search engines rankings and visibility will be enhanced. Search Engine Submission To: 700,000+ engines and directories: Submit your website to an up-to-date database of search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo and Live Search. This service includes search engines submission with press release, position tracking and site optimization guidelines for best rankings. CHECK We check all your basic program information before submitting (i.e. we check all the URLs are correct and the program downloads runs without error). PROOF READ and EDIT We proof read and edit your program’s description and send it to you for approval. (A catchy description will nab you more downloads). PAD We create a PAD file for your program (if you don’t already have one). SUBMISSION We manually submit your program to every shareware site that your program is appropriate for (usually 1000 sites depending on the type of program). SUBMISSION REPORT We provide you with a detailed submission report immediately following the submission process. WEBSITE HYPERLINK VERIFICATION REPORT We also provide you with a web site hyperlink verification report providing information about any broken links on your site. We design box shots, screen-shots and banners for your products (if you don’t already have). We form End User License and Distribution Agreements for your software (if you don’t already have). We receive order forms of your products with multiple payment options from each reseller, and provide you with those generated links. We issue update reports detailing where and when your program has been listed and any download statistics. We report invoices that identify the number of customers who purchased the Software and have submitted payment to us, and the customer name and contact information (collectively, “Customer Information”).

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