Hand Crimping Plier CPO-210D Hydraulic Press Plier

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Dec,31, 2021

CPO-210D Hydraulic Press Plier Scope: Power cable terminal crimping Hydraulic crimping tool CPO-210D 1, the power cable wires connected with the hydraulic pressure is not easy to fall off and the heat. 2, two-speed unit will die quickly to the pressure to take over, Asia Relay rise and then automatically switches to low speed to complete the crimping process is both time and effort. 3, pressure junctions are free to rotate 180 ¡ã, can work in narrow places. 4, built-in relief valve, when the pressure reaches the set maximum pressure relief automatically to prevent over-voltage tools. 5, CPO-210D standard point-die: 16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240 6, glass fiber insulation operation rod, to prevent accidental shock. 7, Package-one beautiful and practical use of plastic boxes. Technical parameters: Output: 12T Crimping capacity :16-240 mm2 Stroke: 30mm Size: 620 * 160 * 70mm Weight: 6.5kg

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Lai Gema Tool Factory design and processing and sales tool for businesses. The main products are: all kinds of copper and aluminum terminal crimping tools, high pressure hydraulic pump, hydraulic hole device, punching machines, bending row machine, cutting machine rows, cable cutter, hydraulic jack and a series of tools. Customer demand-oriented enterprises, the Internet as a platform to continuously upgrade its products, the introduction of advanced machining center Japan's group-wide tools into a high-precision manufacturing techniques and the introduction of 5S production management systems to low-cost, high-quality possession in the industry advantage