PE cosmetic plasticpackaging tube

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Dec,31, 2024

Demonstration of the type£º D16mm and 19mm tubes are suitable for lip-gloss, lip essence, eye essence, cream,lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging. D22mm and 25mm tubes are suitable for eye essence, hand cream, lotion, cream, washing form, personal care products, household products, adhesive, fluid candy, sauceand oils packaging. D30mm and 35mm tubes are suitable for body lotion, shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hand cream, hare care products, anti-sun cream, jam and ointment packaging. D38mm, 40mm and 45mm tubes are suitable for facial mask, facial cleanser, hand cream,hand washing form, hair care products, household products, personal care products and industrial oils packaging. D50mm, 55mm and 60mm tubes are suitable for shampoo, hair care cream, body scrub,body lotion, shower gel, personal bathe products and massage cream packaging. Printing characterastic: 1.PE foil tube Barrier properties \un-deformable un-crushable \protect against light \diffusion-proof \corrosion-risistant\ moisture barrier impermeable to chemical \invisble side-seam some products are very sensitive to light or oxygen and must be carefully protected,or some products have a strong smell that has to be concealed. 2.Flexo-printing implement high-end and realistic to replicate a photo realistic artwork on a tube ,offset and silkscreen printing is incapable to accomplish it . 3.Offset printing tube one to six color Boya¡¯s offset printing can also be combined perfectly with all other decorating technologies to achieve unique stylish designs. 4.silkscreen printing tube when your packaging project need a colored tube ,the best solution for tube decoration may be utilizing silkscreen printing that can offer the tube high ¨Copacity texts and patterns which is more visible and vivid. stamping tube Using high-quality foil of international standard and latest technologies enable us to apply gloss or matte metallic graphics to plastic tube. the glint and shimmer of gold, silver ,bronze and other color foil on the tube conveys a premier brand image. 6. tube labeling

Company Profile

Boyas manufacturing focus on PE tubes for more than ten years. we are proud to offer our customers a board range of tubes—PE tubes and PE foil tubes. The plastic tubes manufacturing by BOYA are suitable for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products and industrial products. packaging.Only high quality food grade materials are used in the production of Boya’s tubes. The tubes are available in white, transparent or tined in HDPE , LDPE or in a mixture of this materials, and they can be mono-layer, two layers or five layers tubes. Also Boya’s high-quality and accurate decorating equipment coupled with our skillful technicians enable us to deliver all possible combination of offset, silkscreen , flexo-printing, hot-stamping and labeling to achieve limitless graphic designs. We can offer plastic tubes as follows: layers from mono-layer, double-layer to five-layer tube; shapes from round, oval to flat shape; diameters from 16mm to 60mm; capacities from 5ml to 500ml;custom length of tube body (adjusted within the range of tube capacity); decorations up to six-color offset printing, six-color silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping, labeling , flexographic printing and hot-stamping; colors from transparent, white, matt, translucent to pantone color; closures in matte and gloss; caps in screw cap, screw-on flip top, pump sprayer, metalized cover, special nozzle, snap-on flip top and snap-on positioned flip top matched with custom colors and shapes.