Laser repair machines , laser refurbishment machine XCQ77-A1, Laser repair machine, laser refurbishm

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Laser repair machines , laser refurbishment machine XCQ77-A1, Laser repair machine, laser refurbishment machines, Lasing repair machine, Lasing repair machines, 1¡¢About the application field of Laser repair machines£¬ Laser repair machines are widely used in various large-size liquid crystal display (LCD), liquid crystal display (MONITOR), Tablet PC (PAD), LCD / LCM production, assembly, repair enterprises. 2¡¢Basic parameters of XCQ77-A1 2.1 X and Y axes move a minimum accuracy of 1¦Ì. 2.2 The minimum spot diameter is 5mm. 2.3 Z-axis stroke 50mm, the smallest movement accuracy 1¦Ì, Z-axis maximum loading capacity 20kg. 2.4 R-axis maximum adjustment travel minimal regulation accuracy ¡À 5 ¡ã 0.01 ¡ã. 2.5 rocker stall number 4, the corresponding regulation accuracy£¬ 1¦Ì, 10¦Ì, 100¦Ì, 1000¦Ì. 2.6 Maximum table load 30kg. 2.7 Power Input£¬ 220V, 50Hz 3¡¢About the functions and characteristics of Laser repair machines£¬ 3.1 can choose different wavelengths to respond to a wider range of material cutting. 3.2 Cutting of good consistency, repeatable cutting. And maintain a good consistency. 3.3 can intuitively by remote control panel operation, the menu is displayed on the LCD panel. 3.4 panel on HI / LO power level control knob can achieve a wide range of cutting energy precise control, while maintaining optimal beam performance. 3.5 Easy installation, no effort to maintain, no toxic gases.

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Shenzhen Sunsom automatic equipment Co.,Ltd . is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of LCD automatic equipment.we stick to the the enterprise spirit of " efficiency and practicality",have successfully developed: Constant Heat Bonding Machine,Pulse Heat Bonding Machine ,ACF Taking Machine,automation bubble-removing Machine,Polarizer Delaminator,HSC Bonding Machine ,large size TFT Bonding Machine ,PDP Bonding Machine,COG Alignment Machine,COG Bonding Machine,COG Previous Testor,COG Final Testor,ITO Tester,Opencell Testor and etc.These machines are widely applied to flat panel TFT/LCD .PDA,PDA;soldering of FPC and FFC to PCB ;polarizer removing,polarizer laminating,ACF laminating,polarizer claving process as well as various flat panel displays bonding and connecting process.