Ethyl maltol(additive)

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Dec,31, 2024

Ethyl maltol One.Product presentation As a flavouring agent,it is mainly used to increase incense and sweet in sweetness food.Rencently,it is expansively used in roasting food,dairy products,meat products,beverage,etc. Two.Using result Increasing incense,increasing sweet,removing peculiar smell,emulsification,etc. Three.Using range and addition Item Name Addition Roasting foods cookie,sweet,chocolate,bread,cake 0.8-1¡ë 1.2-1.5¡ë 0.8-1.2¡ë Dairy products Cream, ice-cream,yoghourt 1-1.2¡ë 0.008-0.012¡ë Beverage Beer, Sodas, Soda powder 0.03-0.05¡ë 0.008-0.06¡ë 0.03-0.08¡ë 0.02-0.08¡ë Meat Ham,luncheon meat 0.05-0.08¡ë Others cigarete 0.02-0.6¡ë Four.Character Appearance:White powder or grenular crystal Smell:Fruitful sweet smell,no other gas. Dissolvability:Completely dissolve to water. Five.Package specification One kilogram per bag,and 25 kilogram per barrel. Six.Transportation and storage It should be avoided strong sunshine and rain in the transport.The storehouse should be kept clean,cool and dry.If so,the quality can be well lasted for one year.

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