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Dec,31, 2024

Product name: silica gel Narrow pore silica gel, white silica gel, type A silica gel CAS No.112926-00-8 EINECS No.: 231-545-4 M.F:Sio2 Purity :> 99% Used for adhesives Appearance: high transparency as glass-like in form of pellet or lump (buyers¡¯ option) Average pore diameter is about 2.0-3.0nm Specific surface area: 650-800 m2/g Pore volume: 0.35-0.45ml/g Specific heat: 0.92 KJ/kg Thermal conductivity: 0.63 KJ/ Use Mainly used for drying and moisture-proof, may also be used as catalyst carriers, adsorbents, separators and variable-pressure adsorbents, etc Normal Supply condition of Type A Silica gel

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