Wool Spinning Bobbin

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Dec,31, 2024

Technique function:Weiersha yarp bobbins are characterized by their high-temperature-resistace, high impact srength,running steady,the same colour among the same batch and the smooth surface. We can design the appearance according the opinions of customers.There are many types you can choose such as we can set secant troughs,line Sawtooth,colour top,colour bottom ect on the yarp.bobbins. Quanty:Weiersha yarp bobbins are The follow-up of quality of inspection center of quality surveillance of national textile apparatus examines the acceptable products

Company Profile

Weiersha Building Materials Co., Ltd. A sub-joint venture of Weiersha Enterprise(group), which is one of the largest famous polycarbonate sheet/PC sheet manufacturer in China. We adopt international famous brand high molecule engineering Bayer Macrolon polycarbonate sheet resin, GE Lexan polycarbonate sheet resin etc, produce and offer various styles and specifications PC sheet as UV PC sheet, UV-PC corrugated sheet, PC corrugated roofing, polycarbonate solid sheet, UV-PC polycarbonate corrugated sheet, Polycarbonate hollow sheet, PC hollow sheet, etc.