GY10Q 10W~50W LED lighting replace FPL 18W~96W

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Dec,31, 2023

1.LED type:SMD3022 2.Voltage:AC85-265V 3.CRI:Ra>70 4.Color temperature:3000-6500K 5.Aluminum alloy+PC cover(Milky) 6.Built-in power supply or Built-out power supply Traditional model Item number Base type Power Size Lumens FHP23W GAFHP-12W GY10q-2 12w 20x43x245 ¡Ö1164LM FHP32W GAFHP-18W GY10q-9 18W 20x43x412 ¡Ö1746LM FHP45W GAFHP-25W GY10q-10 25w 20x43x560 ¡Ö2425LM FHP105W GAFHP-55W GY10q-12 55W 20x43x1150 ¡Ö5335LM FPL18W GAFPL-10W GY10q-3 10W 20x43x220 ¡Ö970LM FPL27W GAFPL-15W GY10q-4 15W 20x43x245 ¡Ö1455LM FPL28W GAFPL-15W GY10q-5 15W 20x43x322 ¡Ö1455LM FPL32W GAFPL-18W GY10q-1 18W 20x43x412 ¡Ö1764LM FPL45W GAFPL-25W GY10q-15 25w 20x43x557 ¡Ö2425LM FPL36W GAFPL-20W GY10q-6 20W 20x43x412 ¡Ö1940LM FPL55W GAFPL-28W GY10q-7 28W 20x43x557 ¡Ö2716LM FPL96W GAFPL-50W GY10q-8 50W 20x43x860 ¡Ö4850LM Preponderance of the product 1. Factory direct sales , the price is cheap , the delivery time is 3-5 working days for sample order, 7-12 working days for bulk order. 2. Can be installed with a simple construction to compact fluorescent lighting fixtures existing. Power supply both have internal driver/ external driver. 3. Long lifespan is about 50,000 hours , you can reduce the operation cost maintenance and replacement . 4. There is a power savings of 50% or more compared to fluorescent light , you can reduce the electricity cost .The power-saving air-conditioning load is small because it is a low heat compared to fluorescent lamps . 5. This led light does not use mercury , you do not break the environment at the time of disposal . 6. It is safe without pieces of glass splashing and falling at the time because it does not use glass . The materials is Aluminum + PC cover. Installation Method Equipment that use FHP lamp , with cap GY10q-10 type , you can remove the ballast to replace the professional power . ( Electrical work is required ) Application 1. Architectural decorative lighting 2. Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting 3. Cove lighting 4. Emergency hallway lighting 5. Stairway accent lighting 6. Auditorium walkway lighting 7. Concealed lighting 8. Backlighting for signage letters Benefits: 1. High efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional Fluorescents-equally bright, consumes 70-80% less energy 2. No RF Interference, No buzzing Noise 3. No fluorescent flickering 4. No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment 5. No danger of broken glass 6. Easy installation 7. Low Power Consumption, high intensity 8. Solid-State, High shock/vibration resistant

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