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What is LSAW steel pipe? Longitudinal submerged arc welded is produced by using a single medium and thick plate as the raw material, pressing (rolling) the steel plate in a mold or forming machine into a tube blank, using double-sided submerged arc welding, and expanding the diameter. The steel plate feed amount can be automatically adjusted according to different steel grades, wall thicknesses, and plate widths. At the same time, the deformation compensation function effectively avoids the adverse effects of mold deformation on the forming and ensures the flatness of the full length of the steel plate during the pressing process. The feeding step is uniform during forming, ensuring the roundness of the tube blank and the flatness of the welding edge. The finished product has a wide range of specifications, and the weld has good toughness, plasticity, uniformity, and compactness. It has the advantages of large pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, high-pressure resistance, low-temperature resistance, and strong corrosion resistance.

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Threeway Steel Co., Ltd, is a world-class production and service provider with 25 years of steel pipe manufacturing, stocking, and exporting for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our manufacturing system integrates. 8 world-class submerged arc straight seam welded pipe production line, pipe hot-rolling and cold-forming, heat treatment, threading, and finishing, making, warehouse in China, we also have our R&D network focus on enhancing our product portfolio a