Sodium Fluoride,Magnesium Fluosilicate,Ammonium Fluosilicate

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Dec,31, 2023

5.Sodium Fluoride Purity Ammonium Fluoride:98.0% Min Moisture:0.5% Max Water insolubles: 0.7% Max. Free Alkali(Na2Co3):0.5% Max Free Acid(HF):0.1% Max SiO2: 0.5% Max Sulphate:0.1% Max Packing:25kg/Bag,20MT/20'FCL 6.Magnesium Fluosilicate Technical Standard Content(based on MgSiF6.6H2O): 98% min Water Insoluble: 0.5 % max Sulfate(ased on MgSO4): 0.5 % max Free acid(based on H2SiF6): 1 % maxPacking: 25 kg/ bag 20MT/20FCL 7. Ammonium Fluosilicate Technical Standard Content: 98% min Free Acid (based on H2SiF6): 0.5% max Water Insoluble: 0.5% max Moisture: 0.5% max Usage: used as moth repellant, disinfect in brewery industry, glass-etching agent, Fabrics moth repellant and in light metal casting, electric plating, potassium extraction from green sand, manufacture of artificial cryolite and ammonium chlorate, etc. Packing: packed in 25 kg bag 20MT/20FCL 8, Sodium Fluosilicate Technical Standard First Grade Content: 98.5% min Water Insoluble: 0.5 % max Heavy metal(base on Pb): 0.05 % max Free acid: 1 .5% max Packing: 50 kg/ bag 21MT/20FCL

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