fiberglass plastic rope

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Dec,31, 2024

Introduction: 1, fiberglass plastic rope made of glass fiber yarn prepared by multiple. In 2, covering the surface of rope to reach the silica gel, high elasticity, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, aging and other excellent performance Hou days; 3, high and low temperature: long-term use temperature: -60 - +280, the instantaneous temperature -60-----+400 degrees, such as the use of fire retardant treated silica, long-term use temperature of 550 DEG c; 4, pressure: 300kg/c square meters (2.94*107Pa); 5, the corrosion resistance of various media: except hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid; 6, tensile strength: > 3000kg/cm2. 7, long service life: can be repeated using 2-3 in the repair period; 8, construction is convenient, no pollution. Application range: 1, industrial insulation 2, oil pipeline coating 3, cable insulation coating 4, exhaust pipe insulation coating 5, bolt flange connection 6, the oil rig brake shoe 7, thermal radiation shielding 8, the curtain of high-temperature furnace with high temperature and mechanical friction enhancing material etc.. 9, sealing material, insulation material, sealing lining, insulation material and the cable guide. Seal 10, generator electric dust, access doors and door robot insulator, especially in corrosive medium, the performance is much better than that of asbestos products, such as sulfuric acid, etc. in the application of cement dust remover.

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