Fixed excavated material processing line

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Dec,31, 2024

1.Product advantages (1)High quality of finished product: (2)The material is subjected to shaping twice through the counter-breaking and sand making machine. The crushed stones are round with less needle shapes. (3)Mechanism sand fineness modulus, grading adjustable. (4)Equipped with spray washing system, sand washing and recycling machine to make the finished material and machine sand low powder content. 2.Fineness modulus controllable (1)Online change of air selection parameters, multi-level adjustment technology,achieve rapid adjustment of the fineness modulus of the finished product in the range of 2.2-3.0, (2)The gradation can reach the scope of Zone 2 of Construction Sand GB/T 14684-2011. 3.Stable powder rate (1)Controllable by the wind speed and wind pressure of the system, the powder content can be adjusted within 5-15% of the finished sand. 4.Environmental protection and low pollution (1)Through the collection of various treatment methods such as sealing, spray dust suppression, vacuum suction, nano dust removal, etc., the content of finished stone powder is greatly reduced. (2)Equipped with sewage treatment filter system. The whole production process realizes water recycling and zero discharge of sewage. 5.Intelligent monitoring (1)Equipped with fault diagnosis and early warning mechanism (2)Real-time monitoring of key locations, real-time display of key parameters (3)Three-stage protection + two-level leakage protection, to prevent fire and protect personal safety. 6.Factory management (1)Self-inspection as the core "three inspections" system (2)Three self-control, no manufacturing error, no transmission error (3)Closed-loop management mechanism for process problems, internal and factory inspection problems

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