Name: Niobium Oxide sputtering target film Molecular formula: Nb2Ox Color: black Brand Name: CRM Purity: 99.99%min biggest size: 18 inch diameter or 350mmx250mm Relative Density: 99%min produce way: hot pressing Production Capacity: about 1000kg per month field: flat panel displays , building automotive glass , touch screen coating and other coating

Company Profile

China Rare Metal Material Co., Ltd(CRM) established in 2004 year, locate in China Mainland; With two large fully-equipped factories, two sales companies. CRM (China Rare Metal Material Co., Ltd.) Focus on export international market HaiTe (Jiangxi HaiTe Advanced Material Co., Ltd.) Focus on only China market KeTai ( Jiangxi Ketai Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.) Focus on manufacture CRM specializes in production, R&D of new materials and products. Taking the market as guidance, talents and technology as base, in order to meet urgent needs of new materials at home and abroad, we adjust product structure and production process internally and keep up with market’s trends externally. As a company with strong comprehensive power and flourishing prospects, we are continuously researching and developing new materials and products applicable to current needs.