-135¡æ Water Vapor Cryopump

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Dec,31, 2024

1. The replacement of liquid nitrogen, reducing the cost. 2. Twin- stage refrigeration, can reach the temperature of -120C(-150C the lowest) in 5 minutes. 3. Adsorb the water and oil vapor rapidly, and can shortening the time of air-out by 60%~90% 4. Prevent the diffuse of oil from polluting the vacuum cavity 5. Hot- water defrost and then lowing the temperature swiftly 6. Convenient in installment and operation, no exhaust gas ¡°TIANHAN¡± TH Series¡¯ Performance index Model No. TH-135-4J TH-135-7J TH-135-10P TH-135-15P Power of two compressors 2HP,3HP 3HP,5HP 4Hp,6Hp 5HP,8HP Temperature(C) -120C~-150C Speed of gas-bied(1m/s) 45000 80000 100000 130000 Refrigerating output (W) 1000 2000 3500 5000 Superficial area of condenser tube 0.4m2 0.7m2 1m2 1.3m2 Time of precooking (min) ¡Ü60 ¡Ü60 ¡Ü80 ¡Ü80 Time of temperature recovery(min) ¡Ü5 ¡Ü5 Time of recooling ¡Ü5 ¡Ü5 Inner diameter of pump(mm) ¡Ü350 ¡Ü700 ¡Ü90 Cooling-down method Wind cooling (hydrocooling) Hydro cooling(ts25C) Hydro cooling(ts25C) Hydro cooling(ts25C)

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